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Adult Classes with Kung Fu Essex

About our classes

Our adult classes cater for ages 12-plus at Masters Martial Arts Academy in Loughton on Sundays and at Redbridge Sports & Leisure on Tuesday evenings.

Taught in a relaxed and friendly environment, our self-defence classes are suitable for any age and level of fitness. Lessons cover:

  • Self-Defence. We teach WingTsun kung fu, a highly effective martial art focused on self-defence
  • Fitness. Training Martial Arts is great way to improve fitness in a group environment with everyone working towards the same goals. Unlike other martial arts, WingTsun is built around you.
  • Confidence and Self esteem. Classes are a great place to meet new people and lose the stress of work and everyday life.

At Kung Fu Essex, your safety is important to us. We are fully insured and teach to a structured 12-grade syllabus.

Structured Syllabus

The 12 student grades are split into three phases.

  • The first phase (grades 1-4) focus on the basics such as defending straight attacks, round attacks, kicks and the basics of striking and kicking with pad and punching drills.
  • The second phase teaches looks at knees and elbows, throwing and anti-throwing, grappling and ground fighting.
  • The final phase focuses on multiple-attackers, control and restraint, counter-kicking and weapons.

What to expect in class

We try to keep a friendly culture at our club. We want to build respect in each other as students on the same journey, as training buddies and often as friends. As well as national seminars with visiting grandmasters, we also hold regular social events throughout the year!

Our Organisation

We are members of the European Wing Tsun Organisation (EWTO) and International Wing Tsun Association (IWTA). As well as schools in Essex, the EWTO also has schools in Kent and Sussex.

We have a great community of students who not only attend their own classes but also the National seminars that are hosted by EWTO-England every year including our own Grandmaster who visits England twice a year to share the latest knowledge and developments in our art!

Loughton Classes

Ilford Classes

See us in action

Masters Academy
Unit C2
Essex, IG10 3TQ
11.15am Little Dragons
12.00pm Juniors
1.00pm Adult beginners
2.15pm Adult intermediate/advanced
Redbridge Sports & Leisure
Forest Road
Essex, IG6 3HD
8.00pm Adult beginners
9.15pm Adult intermediate/advanced

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