Martial Arts Classes For Women

Why self-defence is important for women

Self-defence classes for women is vital as violence against women is soaring in the UK. Domestic abuse is on the rise, with 1.3 million women reporting abuse each year in the UK. And 400,000 women experience violent sexual assault each year. In fact, in the UK 46% of all violent crime is directed against women. In 2017, 139 women died in the UK as a result of male violence.

It is time to take back control and not be treated as a victim. Self-defence classes for women with Kung Fu Essex are the start of that journey. So do we run classes just for women? Simply put, no. But not without good reason. In most cases, violence and abuse against women is committed by men.  It is because of this that we believe that the best way to defend yourself against men is to mix with them in class. Learn to fight men in a class and you can fight them in other circumstances.

Three reasons why women should do self-defence

  • Protect yourself and your family

    This is the most important reason for women to learn self-defense, because it is literally the difference between life and death. WingTusn kung fu, as taught by Kung Fu Essex, helps women use their opponent’s strength, height and weight against them. We don’t expect you to fight toe-to-toe with men. Our goal is to defend and attack to get away from an assailant to find help. Armed with martial arts skills, as well as vocal control, many attacks against women simply wouldn’t happen.

  • Build confidence

    Martial arts gives a sense of confidence that no one can question or take away. Learning the skills, techniques, and forms of WingTsun not only equip you with the skills to successfully defend yourself, but also show you you have worth. Instead of cowering because of perceived weakness caused by society’s matriarchal ideology, you can be strong physically to defend yourself in any situation. The great thing about self-defense is that everyone can benefit from it. It does not discriminate against sex, age, physical ability, or societal stigma.

  • Learn discipline

    Self-defense teaches you to be calm under pressure, to control your breathing, and ‘respond’ instead of reacting to situations. Martial arts and self defence teaches body control and understanding. WingTsun improves strength, flexibility, dexterity, and cognitive awareness. It teaches how to be a better student by listening, observing, and learning about the art. Emotionally, it teaches you to trust a process that has no definite end. It teaches diligence, patience, and to take failures as signs of growth instead of defeat. Martial arts and self-defence training gives you something that is yours, no-one else’s and that is a powerful thing.

What to expect in class

We are a friendly welcoming club. We want to build respect in each other as students on the same journey, as training buddies and often as friends. As well as national seminars with visiting grand masters, we also hold regular social events throughout the year!

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