Is it safe for my child to learn martial arts?


Martial arts are a great form of exercise and can help a child get fitter, but also offer additional benefits including:

  • A focus on individual growth, not on team competition.
  • Concrete, attainable goals. We let children develop at their own pace to achieve the next belt.
  • Manageable and routine training patterns that build up to full techniques
  • An emphasis on self-control and self discipline
  • Improved co-ordination through repetitive training.
  • Provide clear behavioral expectations that are often carried beyond the class.
  • Are a great outlet for excess energy.
  • Can help help children with poor attention spans or even ADHD (for more read this article)

At Kung Fu Essex, we teach children from the ages of 4 and up in a safe, friendly environment. Younger students have no physical contact with each other, while our trained instructors supervise older children.

We run children's classes on Sundays at Masters Academy in Loughton. More information on our classes can be found here.


Do you do women only classes?


Crime statistics show that the most likely attacker of women are men. As a martial arts school focusing primarily on self-defence, we believe that women should learn to defend themselves against men and as such do not teach segregated classes. WingTsun is a unique martial art system invented by a woman that does not rely on physical strength to deal with threats.

More information on classes for adults can be found here.

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