Kids Kung Fu

Why your child should learn kung fu

There are many reasons for enrolling your child in a martial arts class that aren't just about fitness and self-defence. Children's classes at Kung Fu Essex help children from the ages of four and up develop the confidence and problems solving skills they need to take on every day life. From school to home, your child will become more confident and engaged.

Built around your child

Kids' classes at Kung Fu Essex are tailored to meet the needs of your child.

Little Dragons classes, held at Masters Academy in Loughton on Sundays, last half an hour, and there is no child to child contact. We aren't facing them off against each other in a ring!

The time span of the Little Dragons class matches the attention span of younger children, allowing them time to fully focus on the lesson. The curriculum for Little Dragons is built around a combination of self-defence techniques based on the European WingTsun Association's self-defence system and fitness.

For Juniors Classes, we take this up a level. Running after Little Dragons at Master's Academy, these classes essentially teach the full curriculum of WingTsun kung fu, mixed with physical exercise, allowing your 7 to 12 year old a good grounding in martial arts.

Your child's safety in mind

We put your child's safety first, both in our teaching and our studio. Master's Academy is a fully equipped martial arts studio, with padded floors and walls. Our instructors also carry full personal liability insurance up to £2.5 million. Finally, our children's instructors are fully DBS background checked.

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