KiraMeet Kira!

As a female student without any background in martial arts, I initially felt quite intimidated when I started learning Wing Tsun, but the classes I attend with Niall and Ryan are always incredibly welcoming.
The positive energy among the other students makes me feel really comfortable, and going to practice Wing Tsun is always a welcome diversion when I’m feeling stressed out from my studies. It’s great exercise and requires a lot of focus, so it definitely helps me to clear my head.
What I really enjoy about Wing Tsun so far is that even after my second or third session, I already felt like I had gained some practicable, tangible self defence skills. I certainly still have a lot to learn, but the hands-on approach taken in class means that I feel a lot more confident not only when I’m alone and walking home in the evening, but also in my day to day life.

Kira Thomas, 2nd level student, Ilford

ChintanMeet Chints!

I joined EWTO eight months ago. I was always keen to learn some form for martial arts and in the past have done Brazilian Jujitsu. I was introduced to it through my brother and a friend - both are now very accomplished students.

The most interesting part I find is that every lesson is unique; we learn new techniques, skills and application. The important thing I learnt is application of the technique in different scenarios. I was amazed at how little body movement can make such a big difference. It has made me more aware of my surroundings while improving my coordination skills. For me, it has provided me with the confidence and self-belief that if I was ever going to be in a situation I will find my way out. It gives a great feeling when you leave the class - sense of an accomplishment.

The tutors, Ryan and Niall are great. They complete each other. Both are 2nd grade technician and with background from ranging from MMA and journalism, its good see people from different walks of life taking up WT and progressing this far. Both the tutors have good understanding of Wing Tsun and have been doing it for several years, but they still show keenness to learn to see new ideas that students may have. They are great advocates of the art.

I really enjoy WT and am looking forward to many years of practicing and perfecting the art for myself. I would highly recommend joining WT and after few lessons it's hard not to fall in love with it.

Chintan Shah, 3rd level student, Ilford

Meet Preeyesh!

I had thought about practicing martial arts for many years - I wanted to be able to have some confidence to deal with self-defence situations (that I hope I never get into). Without a doubt, learning Wing Tsun with EWTO has been one of the best things I have done.

I am not strong or fast, but you quickly learn with EWTO that Wing Tsun is more about body mechanics and using energy efficiently

I am not strong or fast, but you quickly learn with EWTO that Wing Tsun is more about body mechanics and using energy efficiently. I also love that everything we learn is adapted to real life scenarios. After 8 months of classes, I am definitely more confident with techniques, generally more aware, and even feel like my fitness has improved. I still feel after each class that I learnt something new, enjoyed it, and more importantly I'm motivated to come back for more! I highly recommend learning Wing Tsun with EWTO.

Preeyesh Bhadresha, 3rd level student, Ilford

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