KiraMeet Kira!

As a female student without any background in martial arts, I initially felt quite intimidated when I started learning Wing Tsun, but the classes I attend with Niall and Ryan are always incredibly welcoming.
The positive energy among the other students makes me feel really comfortable, and going to practice Wing Tsun is always a welcome diversion when I’m feeling stressed out from my studies. It’s great exercise and requires a lot of focus, so it definitely helps me to clear my head.
What I really enjoy about Wing Tsun so far is that even after my second or third session, I already felt like I had gained some practicable, tangible self defence skills. I certainly still have a lot to learn, but the hands-on approach taken in class means that I feel a lot more confident not only when I’m alone and walking home in the evening, but also in my day to day life.

Kira Thomas, 2nd level student, Ilford

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